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Talking Map

With the Integration of 3D Technology and use of "Talking Pen" we have developed "Talking Map". Student must place the pen on a tag of a 3D Map

Problem Statement :

  1. Present pedagogy for understanding the maps for Visually Impaired children is toatlly trainer driven.
  2. Thru Touch students can feel the outlines of the Map while teacher explins the details pertainng to that region on the Map.
  3. Hence it is not possible for the students to do self-study.
Project 1

Our Solution

With the Integration of 3D Technology and use of "Talking Pen" we have developed "Talking Map". Student is required to place the pen like device on a tag of a 3D Map. Appropriate audio will explain the details regarding the location on the map. Next to Tags, by touching the Braille characters student finds out the name of the region/district.

Project 1
Project 1

Our Advantages

Self-Paced Learning

Visually impaired children can learn at their own pace, enabling personalized education tailored to individual needs. This flexibility allows for continuous learning even at home, ensuring no disruption in their educational journey.

Interactive Exercises

Children can engage in exercises by recording their answers, providing an interactive and hands-on approach to learning. These recorded answers can be reviewed later, allowing for progress tracking and feedback, which enhances the learning experience.

Enhanced Engagement and Enjoyment

The repetitive listening to audio and recording their own responses makes learning enjoyable and engaging. This method promotes active participation and can help children learn with a smile on their face, making education a positive and fulfilling experience.

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Project 1

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