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Evidence based care during pre-conception, prenatal and perinatal period for improving maternal and neonatal health.

SDF Platform

Problem Statement

As per UNICEF report India has the largest number of low birth weight (LBW) babies in the world.

Babies with low birth weight are at increased risk of under five mortality, stunting and poorer cognitive function during childhood, and of chronic disease in adult life.

Out of estimated 20 million low birth weight infants born globally every year, about 7.5 million are born in India which is about 37%. Prevalence of LBW in India is about 28% of total live births and as high as 46.9% of babies are small gestational age in India, second highest in the world.

Globally the LBW babies constitutes only about 14% of children born, they account for 60-80% of neonatal deaths. As high as 24% of under five mortality in India is due to pre-term birth complications as compared to only 15% globally

Project Aim

State Family Welfare Bureau, Pune, Public Health Department aims to cover estimated 50 lakhs eligible couples for health services till conception and out of these about 20 lakhs of pregnant women will be monitored during pregnancy for antenatal care, nutrition, and health services. Also, about 18 lakhs children will be monitored till 5 years of age for various services like growth monitoring, early childhood development and immunization. Along with this there will component for empowering parents through IEC material like videos, and home visits by frontline health workers.


Project Components

Basically project is divided in 3 main components i.e.

SDF Platform
1. Preconception Care

Creating awareness for the fitness required for getting pregnant, observation, screening and intervention wherever needed.

SDF Platform
2. Interventions During Pregnancy

Monitoring health during pregnancy. Observation, screening and intervention wherever required

KV-Gaming Approch
3. Peripartum Care

Delivery Process and required care during delivery

Joint Inititive

Three agencies has joined hand for development and implementation of the project:

a) State Family Welfare Bureau, Pune, Public Health Department, Government Of Maharashtra - Project implementation through front line health worker and Overall project management.
Project Owner : App. Distribution, Data Collection, Compilation & Monitoring

b) UNICEF - Provide domain specific content for the project for awareness

c) SDF -
Technology Partner : Development of application.
Content Development : Multimedia content development.

Provide both services at their own cost. There is no financial support from the other partners

Project Team

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Support Our Work

• NGOs and Foundations working in Health domain for preconception and Young Babies.
• NGOs and Foundation working in Education domain for Divyang Children
• Volunteers who can give their time and expertise for these activities.
• Pediatrician and Medical Officers working in Preconception care or Child development domain.
• Your financial support is always welcome