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Registered under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013 as Non Profitable and Charitable Organization.


1: Encourage and Guide Thru Technology Driven Solution with relevant Multi Media Content to Mothers and Teachers working with Divyang Children at home or in schools in the domain of Academics, Physical Exercises and Medical advice. (360 Degree Support). Project "Knowledge Vision"
2: Early Diagnostic and Possible Corrective Actions. Explain to the Parents, Milestones for their children from the age of 6 months with 6 monthly interval thru an easy to understand Multi Media content. In case child's progress falls in Red Zone provide assistance in connecting to the relevant domain Experts including Doctors for early corrective actions. Project "Healthy Baby" a joint initiative between KEM Hospital Pune and Siddh Divynag Foundation for more info click here.
3: Bring to India, Affordable Technology based Solutions and Best Practices Existing Globally for Divyang Children.

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Comapny Name : Siddh Divyang Foundation
CIN No : U80101PN2021NPL201474
: +91 99231 91115
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