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Our Projects

Project 1
Knowledge Vision

Our approach with the use of assestive technology to change the teaching pedagogy for divyang children from typical flash card to an interactive way...

Project 1
Talking Map

With the Integration of 3D Technology and use of "Talking Pen" we have developed "Talking Map". Student must place the pen on a tag of a 3D Map...

Project 2

Evidence based care during pre-conception, prenatal and perinatal period for improving maternal and neonatal health...

Project 3
Healthy Baby

Educating parents on baby's developmental milestones & stimulation exercise. Detecting & monitoring of baby's developmental milestones for timely corrective action.


Project 1
  1. Divyang Education : Imparting learning and assessment of Divyang childrens using gaming approach by integrating assistive technology based solution so that child does not become burden to the family.
  2. Health - Preconception Care : Early awareness, diagnostic for eligible couples and possible corrective actions to reduce neonatal mortality, still birth rate, preterm delivery & Low Birth Weight (LBW) baby. Evidence based care during preconception, prenatal and perinatal period for improving maternal and neonatal health.
  3. Health - Baby Care : Weak saplings can become a strong tree if timely corrective actions are taken. Early diagnostic and timely corrective actions through monitoring of infant health and developmental growth to prevent the baby falling in Divyang zone.
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Project 1

Support Our Work

• NGOs and Foundations working in Health domain for preconception and Young Babies.
• NGOs and Foundation working in Education domain for Divyang Children
• Volunteers who can give their time and expertise for these activities.
• Pediatrician and Medical Officers working in Preconception care or Child development domain.
• Your financial support is always welcome