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Knowledge Vision

Our approach with the use of assestive technology to change the teaching pedagogy for divyang children from typical flash card to an interactive way.

Problem Statement :

Having been associated with this domain due to his son "Siddh" Mr. Mehta knows that the teaching pedagogy in Divyang schools are very antiquated i.e. use of Flash cards, which is dull and monotonous and as a result students' lose interest in studying especially in rural and semi urban part of the country.

Project 1

Siddh Divyang Web Based Platform

Siddh Divyang platform which consist of web application is our humble initiative to educate primary school divyang children and their parents for improvement in their lives.

The Platform installed on the computer, uses RFID Reader/Tag combination and Image ICON for divyang children to communicate with the application. Unique and the most important aspect of the product is that the focus is on using "Interactive Gaming Approach" to ascertain how much child has learnt with an objective of increasing their attention and improvement in the retention level.

To use this application child doesn't need to operate or touch computer. RFID reader and Tag forms an alternate keyboard for the children to interact with the computer application.


Project Knowledge Vision Kit

We provide this kit to the school that includes :

  • 1 Laptop with application software installed
  • 1 Box of RFID Tags in English + Hindi
  • 1 RFID Reader
  • 1 Portable Speaker
  • User Manual
Provide online support.

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Project 1

Support Our Work

• NGOs and Foundations working in Health domain for preconception and Young Babies.
• NGOs and Foundation working in Education domain for Divyang Children
• Volunteers who can give their time and expertise for these activities.
• Pediatrician and Medical Officers working in Preconception care or Child development domain.
• Your financial support is always welcome