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Siddh Divyang Foundation (SDF)

Project 1

Siddh Divyang Foundation (SDF) is a Non-Profit and Charitable company founded in the year 2021 and registered as a Section 8 Company under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 having share capital with the registered office in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

SDF has been established with a vision to educate divyang children through an assistive technology based solution using gaming Approach bringing smile on their faces.

Now it is our Humble attempt thru technology driven, projects to reach out to the needy section of the society at NO COST to the end users.

Driving Force - Siddh's Smile

Founding Director, Uday M. Mehta, B. Tech. IIT Bom., M.B.A., C.P.A., M.A. Economics from California. He used to work for Price Water House & Co. in San Francisco and The World Bank in Washington D.C. Migrated back to India to take care of their special son.

Driving Force behind SDF :

Mr. Mehta along with his wife took care of their son “Siddh” for 34 years who suffered from Cerebral Palsy with more than 90% Disabilities. Siddh never walked, talked and was in diapers till the very end of his life. As Mr. Mehta says “Siddh’s Smile that used to give us the strength to take care of him”.

Our learning from Siddh’s life : (Need for early intervention)

As Mr. Mehta says “Though during our stay in USA we could not reverse the brain damage of Siddh. However giving early on regular physiotherapy in USA for first 6 years, Siddh’s Spasticity was not as severe as it would have been considering severity of his disabilities."

Now, based on our own personal experience, we are working on Project “Vatsalya” and Project “Healthy Baby” with Public Health Department (GOM), UNICEF and SDF with a view to do early intervention in the baby’s growth.

Project 1

"Karma is the only asset that can be carried forward to the next life. Rest all stays here."

Our Team

Team Member 1

Naushad Ahsan


Team Member 2

Praveen Tale

Sys Designer & Developer

Team Member 3

Kishan Singh

GM Operation

Team Member 2

Santosh Thorat

Manager Implementation

Team Member 1

Swapnil Kachare

Sr. Graphic Designer

Team Member 3

Prashant Nikalje

Application Tester

Team Member 2

Prajakta Utgikar

Voice Over Artist

Team Member 2

Imtiyaz Ahsan

Application Developer

Project 1

Support Our Work

• NGOs and Foundations working in Health domain for preconception and Young Babies.
• NGOs and Foundation working in Education domain for Divyang Children
• Volunteers who can give their time and expertise for these activities.
• Pediatrician and Medical Officers working in Preconception care or Child development domain.
• Your financial support is always welcome