Impact Assessment

How Does an Interactive Learning and Assessment Platform using Gaming approach Works?

To ascertain the Efficacy and Efficiency of this Teaching Methodology it is important to do an Objective Assessment. To do this we compile student’s Age, Gender, I.Q. level and Physical Disabilities (Low, Medium, High). We take the base line data by conducting an Assessment at the start of the intervention and then subsequently after 2 or 3 weeks do the same Assessment to monitor the progress. With the use of RFID Tag/Reader Combination or with the Soft Card(iCon) combination we enable child to interact with Computer directly using Gaming Approach.

Pedagogy of Delivery

Pedagogy of Delivery

Method of Delivery of Multi Media Content

Impact Assessment is extremely important. Showing Multi Media content is like pouring the water from the Jug in to the Glasses. Teacher would say “I have explained everything" like saying "I have poured all the water ” but what is important how much of the water has gone in to the Glasses? How much of that content was understood by the child. Input was done but what is the Output which has to be ensured or else the message will not go very far. Our Platform does that using an inter active Gaming approach and ALLOWING DIVYANG CHILDREN TO DIRECTLY INTERACT WITH APPLICAION RESIDING ON COMPUTER OR ON INTERNET.


Assessment Process

Assessment Process

Step-1 : Question is asked by the Application Ex. Sound of a Cat is played on the Computer .
Step-2 : Child has to identify the Animal/Object.
In case of RFID Reader/Tag combination, Child picks up relevant Tag and places it on the RFID reader. Reader passes the value to the application.
In case of Icon/Soft Card Interface, child touches the image on the screen and value is passed on to the application.
Step-3 : Application will judge whether the answer is right or wrong. If wrong correct answer is displayed. Child will respond again with correct answer.
Application monitors the total time taken to respond. Also keeps track of the error/s for future improvement. Total 5 questions are asked in a set of one evaluation. (Please see some of the reports taken from the field) This way we can do an early detection for say Sound identification, Color identification, Image recognition capabilities etc. to take possible corrective steps/actions.


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