Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Siddh Divyang” Multi Media Content is integrated with Mobile App for Teachers for Lesson Planning and for Guardians for Home Study.

  • e-Learning content in the form of Videos/ Audio clips/ Diagrams and Text.

  • Updatable content

  • Easy access to interactive curriculum on mobile phone in ‘offline’ mode. Only Installation and Update needs internet connectivity.

  • Language Option to select (Marathi , Hindi etc..)

  • Ability to control access to ‘Mobile App’ as per the requirement.

  • 24 X 7 access to the study material for the participants with zero dissemination cost as the content / videos are physically stored on the mobile phone of the students.

  • Improves training efficiency and effectiveness as compared to the traditional method of delivery.

  • Makes training process system dependent instead of faculty dependent.

About Mobile App

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