Physical Exercises

Due to Covid-19 virus spreading everywhere, Divyang children are forced to stay at home, hence we decided to conduct Physical Exercises at home using a Blended Approach. Getting Excellant Feedback from parents as well as childrens.

An Initiative by Abhisar Foundation and Siddh Divyang Foundation for Divyang Children

Currently, with the Grace of “SHIV SHAKTI” 3Ts are in place.
T = Time = Due to “Covid 19” lockdown our approach has been a definite success. As there is strong need.
T = Technology = Our own “SunKids Divyang Platform” along with Mobile App. + external factors.
Low cost Internet + High usage of 4G Mobiles + Users familiarity products like ZOOM, Google Meet or Teams. + Whats Up
T = Team = Advisory Board + Our Own Dedicated Team ready to work for Divyang children.

360 Degree

In a restrained environment where there is not much for them to do, children become irritable and restless. Knowing the present situation, it is imperative that the physical exercises should be done at home to avoid spasticity.
We have designed exercises for these children that use a blended approach. These exercises can be done at home in an effective way under the parent’s supervision.



Abhijeet Tambe

Abhijeet Tambe

3500 special athletes coaching experience

Vikas Jagtap

Vikas Jagtap

LARC School last 16 years working as a Trainer

Our approach is to guide and train the parents at home so they may help their children to do exercises at home effectively.

1) We have prepared Multi Media content of these exercises with the help of expert trainers who have trained several hundreds Divyang children in the past.
2) To access these videos Parents can download our Free Interactive App. (SiddhDivyang) from Google playstore. Thru Google Form, we collect Disabilities data from the parents.
3) We form a batch of around 15 to 20 children with similar disability levels.
4) Then We conduct webinars where trainers can have 2 minutes interaction with these children and their guardians/mothers on Video.
5) The batch is Revised after the observation.
6) Parents are advised to follow the video clips for doing these exercises.
7) We have formed the Whats UP group for ease of communication and Parents are encouraged to post their children's video on the group
8) Two webinars per batch per week are conducted for resolving any difficulties.
9) During the week in case parents have any questions they are encouraged to connect to the trainers.
In these physical exercises we are focusing on improving
physical exercises We are collecting the base data about these 6 parameters on a scale of 1 to 5. As we progress every 3 weeks we will collect the data and monitor the progress.

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