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Siddh Divyang


About “Siddh Divyang”

It is an innovative educational platform focusing on overall cognitive development of a child using empathetic problem-solving approach for inclusive growth in the age group 3 to 12 years. Also impart vocational skills to Divyang children in the age group of 12 to 21 years. The USP of "SunKids Divyang" is that it provides an eco system for learning and objective assessment in an interactive manner using Gaming approach for identification of Strength and Weakness of the child by activating multiple sensory systems. Thus a corrective intervention can be done in an early stage for the “Divyang” children with Visual Impairment, Hearing impairment, Slow Learners, Autistic, Physically challenged etc.
“Sidhh Divyang” is rich in content mapped with the requirements of Divyang children for their cognitive development and addresses most of the issues of present teaching pedagogy thereby reducing the dependency of highly trained faculty members. The user interface is simple and integrated with RFID sensing technology.

“Siddh Divyang” is a blend of three steps:

• Unique and innovative learning process using interactive content for cognitive development. • Objective assessments using gaming approach to assist trainers in taking corrective action on time. • Performance Reporting to gauge the strengths and weakness of each individual child as well as the entire class.


Moving Forward

A) Planning To work with KEM hospital Pune, Multi Disciplinary Rehabilitation Center
As a pilot project, we will work with 10 Divyang Children associated with Multi Disciplinary Rehabilitation Centre at KEM Hospital, Pune.

Access on Mobile Platform

Mobile Platform

Learning Multi Media content integrated with Mobile App is given to the Teachers for Lesson Planning and to the Guardians / Parents of the “Divyang” Children for Home Study / Practice. This Pedagogy is highly scalable and replicable. The content is universal in this age group. Hence, by changing the language it can be replicated across the country as well as the world.

Interactive Mobile App.

Mobile Application

Imparting Vocational Skills to Divyang Children

Objective : Imparting Vocational Skills to Persons with various different Disabilities by using Technology based solution with a view to Skill, Scale and Speed and reduce the need for Highly Skilled Trainers

Methodology for Imparting Skills


1) Study and identify process In consultation with Domain Experts, NGOs and/or NSDC. Prepare an Interactive Multi Media content describing and demonstrating stepwise process. For ex. “How to prepare Paper Bags from News Paper” or How to Make Agarbatti” etc.

RFID Connectivity

2) Use of Augmented Reality by Connecting Real World with Digital World with the use of RFID Reader/Sensor Mechanism. As the person is working in Real World he/she is guided and monitored by Digital Application running on computer/mobile phone thru RFID connectivity.

Comapny Name : Siddh Divyang Foundation
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